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(BB) Trailer: Why I'm Excited to Launch the Being Becky Podcast!

September 24, 2020 Becky Hennesy Season 1
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(BB) Trailer: Why I'm Excited to Launch the Being Becky Podcast!
Show Notes

Becky Hennesy is a co-lead pastor at Trinity Church (Cedar Hill, Texas). She and her husband Jim have led the congregation located in south Dallas since 1995. Her legacy of ministry to the underserved and needy in her community is both contagious and effective.

Never short on expressing her unique personality and passion, Becky Hennesy is branching out to the exciting world of podcasting. In this short trailer, she shares the reasons why Being Becky is an important new avenue for her ministry.

The podcast will release a new episode on the first and third Wednesday of each month beginning on October 7. However, listeners will get to hear back-to-back episodes on same day as the first two shows both release on the official launch date. Becky shares why that first Wednesday is circled on her calendar.

"In Episode 1, you'll hear my conversation with Dr. Jill Waggoner, a medical and health professional who spoke at our very first Girlfriends event in 2010," Becky said. "Her message that day marked my life! It propelled me into a transformative journey in personal fitness and nutrition habits."

Dr. Jill Waggoner's influence reaches thousands through her medical practice (Duncanville, Texas), her active social media/online video presence, and as a conference speaker/presenter of practical medical research/application.

Dr. Jill Waggoner professional bio

"Then in Episode 2, you listen in to my chat with the young and talented Alexis Franklin. She's an amazing digital graphic artist and video editor who serves on staff at Trinity Church (Cedar Hill, Texas)," Becky said. "A few months ago, those creative gifts were noticed by the publisher of a monthly magazine connected to a TV talk show in Illinois. They asked Alexis to draw a digital picture of Breonna Taylor. The name of that TV show was Oprah and the name of the publication was O Magazine!"

Alexis is an African-American in her early 20s who is wise beyond her years. She's passionate about Jesus and about leaving her mark of positive change in her generation.

Official Video Teaser of O Magazine Cover (featuring Alexis Franklin)
O Magazine Article about Breonna Taylor featured on its cover
CNN Article about Breonna Taylor featured on O Magazine cover

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